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Molly  Bobo
Fourth Grade
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What are we doing this week?

November 1 - November 5   

Math- Multiplication Facts Quiz; Array Quiz; Multiplication Patterns with 10's and 100's; Study Guide goes home on 11/3; Test on 11/4

Science- Study Guide ChA2 on 11/1; ChA2 Test on 11/2; ChA3 Vocabulary; Draw an ecosystem or create a food chain

FIELD TRIP ON 11/5/10  Sterne-Hoya House; Durst-Taylor House; Nacogdoches Visitor's Center; Picnic-DON'T FORGET A SACK LUNCH!! We will provide a water.

Week of December 13 - December 17  

Math- Keep practicing Multiplication and Division Facts

Science- Ch A4 TEST on Tuesday- Study Guide comes home on Monday night.

Important Events:  Thursday- Christmas Breakfast (Bring $2)

                                           Fourth Grade Sing-a-long

                            Friday- EARLY RELEASE FOR CHRISTMAS BREAK @ 1pm

Week of December 6 - December 10  

Math- Division: Basic Division Facts, Estimating Quotients, Steps for Dividing, Dividing with Remainders, Fact Families, 2 digit X 2 digit multiplication practice

Science- Complete Ch A4; Study Guide on Friday.  TEST on Tuesday (12/14)



Week of January 10th thru January 14th  

Concluding Division Unit in Math- TEST on Friday!!

Beginning Measurement Chapter in Science.

Week of November 15 - November 19  

Science- Food Chain vs. Food Web; Create a Food Web; 11/18 Study Guide comes home; TEST 11/19/10 on ChA3

Math- 2 digit by 2 digit Multiplication; Word Problems

11/18/10 Thanksgiving Meal in Cafeteria; Miss Hare's last day with Fourth Grade- Thank you Miss Hare! We are going to miss you!

BOOK FAIR ALL WEEK!!! (11/15-11/19)

Week of November 22 - November 26  

Math- Study Guide on 11/22; Math TEST on 11/23 (Multiplication- Topic 7)


Happy Thanksgiving!

Week of November 8 - November 12  

Our student teacher, Miss Hare, will be doing her all week teaching this week.

Math- Partial Product Multiplication; 2 digit by 1 digit Multiplication;  3 digit by 1 digit Multiplication; Word Problems

Science- Ch A3 "Energy in Ecosystems"; ChA3 Vocabulary Test on Wednesday; Lesson Assessments

PTO Meeting (11/11/10) at 6 pm in Cafetorium.

REPORT CARDS come home on 11/11/10 (Thursday)

Week of October 11 - October 14  

Math- Adding and Subtracting Decimals; Review 10/13/10 (watch for Study Guide to come home); TEST on Thursday, October 14!!!

Science- Ch A1 Study Guide on Monday; Ch A1 TEST on Tuesday (return signed Study Guide for BONUS points) Plant/Flower Packet on Wednesday

IMPORTANT-- Early Release on Thursday @ 1pm; NO SCHOOL on Friday (10/15/10)!!!! 


Week of October 18 - October 22  

Science- Begin Chapter A2 "Animal Structure and Function"; Chapter A2 Vocabulary; Read and Discuss Lesson 1, Observe how animals respond to stimuli     (lab);  Vocabulary TEST

Math- Rounding Whole Numbers; Estimating Sums and Differences

Special Events-  Tuesday(10/19/10) Meet the Blue Devils/Chicken Spaghetti Dinner $7 per plate; Friday (10/22/10) CH Fall Festival 6-8pm 

Week of October 25 - October 29  

 Science: Read and Discuss ChA2 Lesson 2; Lesson 2 Assessment; Read Lesson 3; Lesson 3 Assessment; ChA2 Study Guide; ChA2 TEST(may postpone until next week)

Math: TEST Tuesday; Wednesday- Begin Multiplication and Arrays


Week of October 4 - October 8  

Math- Addition and Subtraction(computation);  Addtion and Subtraction Word Problems

Science- How do Flowers make seeds?; Observe Parts of a flower; Lima Beans- monocot or dicot seed? 

Special Event:  Mrs. Aikin with the DRT presents the "Traveling Trunk"  teaching our Fourth Graders about Texas History

Week of September 13-17  

Science- Begin Chapter D2 "Keeping Your Body Systems Healthy"; Nutrition Project

Math- Fractions; Recognizing Equivalent Fractions using concrete objects and pictorial models

Handwriting- Days of the week


Week of September 20 - September 24  

Science- Complete ChD2 "Keeping your Body Systems Healthy"; Test on ChD2 Thursday, Sept. 23rd; Plant Seeds on Sept 24th to coincide with beginning of Ch A1 "Plant Structure and Function"

Math-Fraction Review, Topic 10 Test- Tuesday, Sept. 21st; Begin Topic 11 Fractions and Decimals (Number lines, Improper Fractions, Mixed Fractions)

Handwriting-Words Related to Geography Facts  North, South, East, West, compass rose, legend, equator, prime meridian, North Pole, South Pole. latitude, longitude

Week of September 27 -October 1  

 Math- Monday-Fractions to Decimals

          Tuesday-Review Topic 11; Test Tomorrow

          Wednesday- Topic 11 TEST

          Thursday- Begin Addition/Subtraction Number Sense

          Friday- Addition/Subtraction Computation

Science- Monday-Read Lesson 1 ChA1 "How are Plants Grouped?

            Tuesday- Lesson 1 Assessment

            Wednesday- Read Lesson 2 "What are the parts of a Flower?"

            Thursday-  Lesson 2 Assessment; Read Lesson 3 Silently

            Friday- Observe parts of a seed.... LIMA BEANS; Discuss Lesson 3 as a class



What are we doing this week?  

Week of September 7th - September 10

*Science- Completing and testing over Chapter D1 "The Digestive, Circululatory, and Nervous Systems".  Students will have a study guide to help them review test infromation.  Return this study guide with a parent signature for an extra 5 points on test! (Study Guide is due ON test day)

*Math- Place Value Test on 9/8/10. Study Guide sent home on 9/7/10. Return Study Guide with Parent Signature for 5 extra test points.  On Thursday- Introduction to fractions and relationship to decimals.

*Handwriting- Months of the Year